5 ways to recover from a killer workout

We’ve all been there, the exhausted feeling after a tough workout before those endorphins kick in. When you lie down on the floor and think you might die (in a good way). Here are some great tips on how to recover after one of those killer classes, runs or gym sessions.

Drink a smoothie
The best thing to do would be to eat something straight away, but we know that many find that difficult. Why not try a reload smoothie? Take small sips and just sit for a while. The sweet flavour of the fruit and the ice cold cubes will cool you off and make you feel alive again.

Fresh air
Make sure to not stress from the gym to your house. Take a little walk outside, maybe walk home? The fresh air will do you good and it will help your muscles to recover.

Don’t forget to stretch. Your body will be thanking you the next day. Stretch for about 20 seconds on each side and repeat if your muscles still feel stiff. Stop if it hurts.

By now the nausea should have passed and your body needs a refill. Eat whatever you like as long as it’s nutricious, you’ve earned it!

After a long, warm shower it’s time to unwind. Help the body to relax by reading a book or why not practice to breathe for a few minutes.

By: Victoria Thoors 

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