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Breathe, relax, connect – The purpose of yogic breathing

Yogis are convinced that everything is prana (energy) and by applying a certain breathing technique, you open a gateway to unlimited energy, peace of mind and both mental and physical power. Yogini Christina Danielsen shares her knowledge of what yoginic breathing is all about.

The beauty of unifying breath and movement is truly graceful. With a regular deep, nasal breathing, as we use in yoga, your mindwaves get measurably lower and you enter a more meditative state, providing calmness and deep consciousness.

By making yourself ready to listen to the signals your body sends out, allows you to react in an aware manner. Deep breathing unifies your body, mind and soul, which is the purpose and essence of yoga. When you achieve this calm and even breathing it enables you to enter the present moment, the here and now, and connect fully to your true power.

Whenever you feel disconnected, stressed or feeling drained of energy; try to apply the yogic breath, as this will enhance your quality of life and connect to the best version of you. Take a look at the video below and get inspired.

Name: Christina Danielsen
Occupation: Yoga instructor
Lives: Oslo, Norway
Follow Christina on her Instagram for more inspiration

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    January 8, 2016 at 7:05 am

    🙂 Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reach out , educate & inspire – keep on going beautiful girls , always believe in yourself and surf the waves of life in a relaxed way 🙂

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