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Never too late for firsts

There are firsts where we have no choice in the matter. The first time we talked or walked. It just somehow happened as a general growing and learning process.

But the more we learn the more we start fearing. And with fear comes all the reasons why we should not do something, why it is wiser to postpone. We want to stay safe.

When you think about it, if we had had this kind of thinking as toddlers we would not have gone far. It must have been terrifying to stop crawling and suddenly try to balance on those tiny feet. But every cell in our body tended to this. We wanted it. And we felt safe. We didn’t think of the possible negative outcomes, we didn’t think our parents would laugh and point, on the contrary, they would be proud. So we watched, learned and when the timing was right, we went for it. We fell and tried again.

When did we stop doing that?

When we learned about consequences. When we learned about responsibilities and time flying by.

And when doing took over being.

The good thing is, it´s never too late for firsts. We might still find excuses, we might fear, but the truth is, one day, it’s too late to die young. And then it’s time to make the most of it.

People say good things come to those who wait. I’ll admit patience is a virtue, but without the guts to ever act, one can wait a long time.

Take the plunge. Join a ballet class, go diving, start acting or knitting. Talk to strangers, wear heels, dye your hair, write a book, say I love you to someone, to yourself.…The more “firsts” you’ll have the easier it will get. Everything is a learning process. Everything is difficult before it becomes easy.

Look at where taking your first step all those years ago took you and what if you had not taken it. Trust that great things happen to those who get out of their comfort zone and try new things. Always. No matter how old you are and feel, there’s always a new day and with that, new firsts awaiting.

By: Morgane Oléron

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Don’t be the lady in waiting

Why and what are we waiting for?

Back in the days, under a monarchy, there were the ladies in waiting. Waiting for the Queen to decide their every move. There to please and serve. Not quite a servant, not a noble. Just there, waiting in between. Forever in limbo.

Today Queens are more symbolic than anything, but we find other things to rule over us. Don’t we all still just wait for something?

Whether it is for the end of the day, for lunch time, for happy hour, for the weekend or for the next vacation.

But what about the time in between? Is it completely lost and worthless to us? Are we in limbo?

Such a waste. All those hours, days, weeks. Like going on a road trip and only getting out of the car at the end destionation. Missing out on all the fun that could have been on the way.

By constantly trying to look over the top of the hill we stumble on our own feet. Look around you, take it all in, that is your best way to prepare for what is coming next.

“What day is it?”
It’s today,” squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day,” said Pooh.”

Every time you find yourself longing for something that will come, try to focus on something that is now. Your breath, the way your body feels, the sounds around you, the air on your face, the taste on your tongue. Immerse into them. Remember that what you feel and hear now will soon be gone and that you are now shaping the future you are so badly waiting for.
Don’t wait. Be.

By: Morgane Oléron 


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Fear is my friend

Something that’s constantly reoccurs in the modern spirituality is the concept of love and fear. That which isn’t love is fear. Love is the ultimate creation and our natural state. When we’re not thinking, feeling, acting and reacting in love, it’s because fear is present.

Fear of being separate. Fear of being unworthy. Fear of not being accepted. This fear makes us act in all kinds of unloving ways, towards each other and towards ourselves. I truly believe this. Even though it’s a simplification of the complexity of this human experience, it explains a lot of the crazy that is going on in our world today.

However, there’s another aspect of fear. Fear as a catalyst. When our aim becomes experiencing as little fear as possible we miss out on a lot of the good stuff in life. Because the good stuff often requires us to face that which scares us.

For me, it was scary to choose to take back the responsibility for my health and become the CEO of me. It was scary to choose to be more vulnerable and not hide in my relationships. It was scary to quit my corporate job to start out on my own. I needed to make a conscious choice to look fear in the eye and walk directly towards it. And, ultimately, facing fear has given me a healthy and vital body back, deep and meaningful relationships and an opportunity to create the career that fits my lifestyle and dreams.

Life thrives when we follow our intuition speaking through love while embracing fear.

What if we could befriend fear and invite it to play a part in our life without letting it play the main character? Because, fighting fear is a dead-end battle anyway. You can’t win that game. What you can do, however, is to greet fear when he shows up, tell him to take a seat, but not direct the show. Listen to him patiently, thank him for the advice, but make sure to follow your intuition, not your fear.

What if the presence of fear has been the ultimate catalyst to all that you love about your life today? What if you can become friends with your fear and start enjoying hanging out with him?

By: Helena Önneby. Helena is a life and career coach on a mission to help you find your Pure Personal Power. Download the free guide: 5 steps to finding your authentic power.

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Start digging into your closet

Most of us experience that confusing problem – a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I still haven’t figured out how to solve that puzzle, but I have however noticed that I’ve been facing this problem less and less lately. What has proven to be very helpful is the good old trick of cleaning out my closet.

I don’t know about you, but I like to collect clothes. I have enough of it to serve me for the next couple of years, and still sometimes it feels like I’ve got nothing to wear. That’s because I still have clothes that I’ve purchased a couple of years ago (some even from my student years!) and those items may just not feel like me anymore. Some may not fit, some are not in style, and some I just don’t feel represent who I am now. And not to mention that they occupy precious space in my closet that is filled way over its capacity. That’s why cleaning out and organizing will do wonders as you’ll be able to display your clothes better and will actually see what items you have.

Finding your favorite skirt should not feel like a scavenger hunt. Overcrowded and underused closet is definitely not making anyone’s life easier.

If you think that cleaning out your closet sounds stressful, I say it’s quite fun. It’s like a time travel machine that reminds you of the first date with your partner when you wore that red dress, or of that cool t-shirt that your best friend got for you. It can bring out memories and make you see how far you’ve come and how you’ve changed. For me that’s a nice way to get to know yourself a bit more, and to understand where you are in your life right now. And yes, I can tell all that from just my closet. Another thing that I love is that like any kind of cleaning, cleaning out and organizing your closet is very therapeutically. You get out with the old and make room for things that matter. You ask yourself if you really need that dress and you decide to let it go. We have lots of things in our lives that we like to hold on to, and sometimes getting rid even of the smallest things can feel liberating.

So, open up your closet and get rid of the things that no longer serve you. Give them away to someone who will give them a new life. A win-win for everyone: you, the planet and the person who will take what was trash to you and turn it into treasures.

By: Ivona Iwarra Josipovic / Photo cred:

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The attitude of gratitude

Life consists of setting goals and constantly pursuing them. Sometimes we think that the more we try the lesser goals we achieve, and because of that, we can become increasingly frustrated.

If dissatisfaction, frustration and craving for something we don’t have become part of our everyday life then we have a problem that requires an urgent solution. Then we need to stop, look around and ask ourselves: What is all the good we have in our lives? What have we achieved so far?

Each and every one of us will, if honestly answering these questions, find so many reasons for happiness and joy. Each one of us will, if thinking of all the good things we have already achieved, notice that life has already given us so much.

If we start every day with expressing gratitude to what we have, our lives will become more fulfilled and beautiful, we will be more and more aware of all the good things in ourselves and around us.

Being grateful doesn’t mean being modest, unambitious and passive.

It is just an expression of respect for what we already have and what brings us peace, satisfaction and meaning. Being grateful doesn’t mean giving up on our goals, but striving towards them while enjoying everything that we have already achieved so far.

Only satisfied and focused on positivity can we be motivated for new victories, while a constant focus on what we don’t have only lead to a life with chronic frustration and dissatisfaction. It’s up to us to decide which one of these two ways we will go.

By: Sonja Josipovic

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An open letter to Self Doubt

Dear Self Doubt. We’ve been spending nearly 25 years side by side and together we’ve been through a lot. I’m grateful for all the times that you’ve been there for me and never left my side, but lately I’ve been feeling like it’s not working out between us anymore.

I don’t understand why you keep complaining when I’m telling you to shut up. All you ever talk about is how useless I am and how I’ll never succeed with anything in life. I used to believe you, but I’ve come to realise that the problem is not me – it’s you. If you weren’t there all the time with your negative, repetitive chatter, I’d already be bathing in success and self acceptance.

It’s time we face reality – we’ve grown apart. Our views on life have become extremely different.

I’ve decided to spend more time with Self Belief instead. Amongst many things, we’re planning adventures, art projects, chilling out and to continue the exploration of love and relationships.

I simply neither have the time, nor the desire to hang out with you anymore. I wish you all the best and hereby set you free. I understand we might bump into each other again, but in that case I’d like to keep it at a smalltalk level. I hope you take some time to think through your actions and your whole existence, now that you’ll have a lot more time for yourself.

Thank you for the time we had,

An unexpected response

Alright, Amalia, I get it. It’s time for us both to be more clear about how we want our friendship to develop. I forgive you for trying to dump me and you don’t need to say thank you for me staying and saving your life.

I feel like I’ve been misunderstood by you. I’ve been trying to get your attention for years but you’ve simply pushed me away without listening to what I have to say. You have no idea how much work it’s taken me to get you to finally listen to me!

First of all: Please, stop calling me Self Doubt. I don’t know where you got that name from but my real name is Fear. Remember that time in Australia when you saw a deadly snake and ran away from it? Yeah that was me saving your life. Or that other time when we were hiking and you were standing way too close to a cliff? Yeah. You’re welcome.

I think you get it: It’s my job to keep you alive! I calculate risks and talk about them, and I’ll keep going until we both get old and grey, so deal with it.

Secondly: Self-acceptance is not about denying or ignoring parts of yourself that you don’t like. It’s about making friends with them. Also, everyone fears in life. It’s not like the people you find “successful” are completely fearless. (Whatever the heck “success” means to you anyway?) They’ve just managed to build a beautiful, trustful relationship with their own Fear.

You’ve been extremely boring lately – you haven’t done much that is new or exciting. As a result, I’ve had to calculate risks of things that normally wouldn’t be a threat. Don’t blame me for being repetitive! That’s just a result of your boringness.

I think it’s a great idea that you hang out with Self Belief. Finally! We might actually get some action going again!! Don’t mind me – I’ll stick around and make sure you’re both safe. Trust me, when there’s real danger facing us you’ll know I’m serious.

I’ll be here for you whenever you need my advice.

Love you,

By: Amalia Wahlström/Repost of original post at

Be Inspired Mind

Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together

That is what Elisabeth Taylor used to say. So you keep yourself busy, take on projects, say yes to social gatherings and try to balance it all with a smile on your face. But you never slow down.

Even when people around you are warning you, telling you to take care of yourself. You just put on some more lipstick and keep going.

Until you can´t anymore.

And that is usually the wake-up call we need. What a shame we must go so far down the well to only then be able to pull ourselves back up. To give up on the drinks, remove the lipstick, and stop trying to pull ourselves together… To admit it’s ok to let go, go home, go to bed…do nothing.

But when we do, it will bring back strength, it will bring back sanity and eventually, inspiration.

Keep in mind that sometimes the only thing you need on your “to-do-list” is: Take care of myself. And if you are not going to listen to others, at least listen to your body.

By: Mo Oléron

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Get your agenda ready for fall

It’s official. We skipped straight to winter this year. It was 6 degrees this morning and we are not happy.

About being cold that is. Because the colder and darker months also call for lovely traditions. Here comes a joyful list of countdowns:

and so many more amazing things to come, so put on your comfy sweaters and get ready for a busy season!

By: Mo Oléron / Photo cred:

Be Inspired Body

Nap time all day long

Feeling exhausted all the time? Having a hard time getting through the day without multiple cups of coffee? Well, then we recommend you to continue reading.

Being tired is so common in today’s society that it has its own acronym; TAAT (tired all the time). There might be several things sapping your energy, stress being the most common one. However, walking around feeling like a zombie is no way to live so let’s take a closer look on what might cause it and how to avoid fatigue in the future.

Water keeps your organs and cells functioning, but still so many of us drink way too little during the day. And how much water we drink actually affects our energy level. Try to drink regularly throughout the day and don’t wait until your thirsty, because then your body is already dehydrated. 

Eating too little
Not eating enough, or eating the wrong foods is a very common cause of fatigue. So make sure to start your day off with a healthy and vitamin-loaded breakfast, and avoid sugary food that will make your blood sugar peak and crash, leaving you sluggish. Also keep in mind to eat enough.

Iron deficiency
Iron is an essential nutrient that helps us perform many functions throughout our body every single day. One of the most important functions is helping to transport oxygen throughout the blood. Lots of people suffer from iron deficiency, especially women, due to heavy periods. A tip is to include plenty of iron-rich foods in your diet, like dark green vegetables and dried fruits.

Coffee overdose
Yep, there is something as too much coffee. In fact, the thing you think is helping you is sapping your energy. Also, when drinking coffee, we often forget to drink enough water.  Try to gradually, cup by cup, reduce your coffee intake and avoid fatigue and headaches.

Not enough fresh air
Research shows that spending time in fresh air, surrounded by nature, increases energy in 90 percent of people. Nature is fuel for the soul, nevertheless we spend more and more time indoors. By simply inhaling fresh air helps clear your lungs and enables you to take deeper, longer breaths of air, which again increases the amount of oxygen that’s transported to your body’s cells. So go get those lungs filled up with crispy fall air and see if that doesn’t help.

There might be many more (or different) reasons to why you feel tired and sluggish, or perhaps you don´t (which in that case is great), but if you do, some basic lifestyle changes can easily boost your energy. Good luck <3

By: Henriette Danielsen 

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Fashion mindfulness

Every day we make choices and those choices often have an impact on other people and on the environment. And while we’re very aware that our decisions about energy and food affect the pollution and the climate, many of us still seem unaware that our fashion choices do the same.

If you’ve seen the documentary “A True Cost” that I’ve previously recommended, you know that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters. In fact, it comes right after the oil industry, causing massive problems around the globe. Fast fashion is democratizing fashion by making it available to everyone, but those cheap garments come at a high price, that our planet is paying. That is why being mindful about the way we shop is important and implementing a couple of small changes can make a huge difference.

As I’ve learned more about the impact of fast garment production I decided to slowly change the way I look at clothes. Most of us buy and own a lot. Clothes are all around us and with very tempting prices, making it easy to stuff our closets with often unnecessary things.

I decided to ask myself; how much do I really need?

I decided to buy less, but better quality. Besides changing my view on fashion and clothes, I also implemented a few different ways to “shop” into my routine. My first step was to clean out my closet. There is so much joy in getting all the unnecessary things out and sorting out all the pieces that you actually need and love. The pile that was no longer serving me was saved to be used for a clothes swap, flea market or to be donated. It was my first time doing a clothes swap a couple of months ago and seeing someone give a new home to the clothes I no longer needed made me super happy. Whatever was left after the swap was donated and we all know the importance of helping out in any way to the ones in need. The clothes and fabrics that were in bad shape to be donated or swapped ended up in the recycling pile. A lot of shops here in Stockholm like H&M or Lindex will take the clothes from you and recycle the fabrics. What could get fixed ended up in my sew, shorten, remove the stain pile that is still not finished.

Now, when I say bye to my clothes they end up either in somebody else’s closet or in the recycling bin. I also try to use them as much as possible and take proper care of them before giving them away. I also buy second hand. I realise now that my choices, as small as they may seem, make a difference.

Do you also try to be mindful about your fashion choices? Why not start somewhere and come to Best of You´s next clothes swap

By: Ivona Iwarra Josipovic / Photo cred: