Do’s and don’ts at the gym

The gym can sometimes be very crowded and in between building muscles and burning fat, many people forget common courtesy. There are certain things you just shouldn’t be doing when sharing a tights space. Below are five things to keep in mind when you’re at the gym.

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You may have a routine and for that you need a kettlebell, a weight ball, a step or whatnot. Don’t be the kind of person who gathers everything and holds on to it during the whole workout. Respect that others are waiting and allow them to work while you rest.

Neat and clean
Do you sweat a lot? No problem! Just don’t leave the entire Niagara Falls behind. When you’re done with a machine, wipe it down and leave it dry for the next person. And don’t leave equipment lying around the gym. When you’re done, put it back where it belongs.

Don’t #gymstagram
Is there anything more annoying than people taking up space while taking selfies or instagraming? We get that gym time needs to be documented, but NOT while people are waiting on their turn. So, leave the phone in your pocket.

Less gossiping, more focus
If you haven’t seen your buddy for a while and you have lots to talk about, maybe you should meet over a coffee. Because not everyone at the gym wants to hear about your crazy Saturday night rave party or your more personal problems. Don’t be a loud talker, respect that people are trying to focus.

Stinky Steve
Sweat can be the mark of hard work, but don’t let it stain your reputation. Use deodorant! There is nothing more painful than being stuck in a crowded, warm room with people who smell like death. Just saying…

By: Henriette Danielsen / Image borrowed from here

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