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Stepping into ECOIST is stepping into an oasis of healthy and yummy food – yes that combination does exist. We wanted to know more about their concept and why a place like ECOIST is needed today.
By: Victoria Thoors Photo: ECOIST

When we are hungry we often eat anything we can find in our fridge or when on the go, believe me I’ve done it myself many times. But this means that we risk eating less nutritious food.

– Eating organic food has become a growing trend, and that’s great since it lowers our intake of toxins. Many people don’t realize that eating nutritious organic plat based food is the fundament of a healthy body and a long life, Gabriel Förde, one of the founders of ECOIST explains.

We sit in ECOIST’s small and genuine lunch area. It’s crowded, but the atmosphere is calm and relaxed. A place you see people munch on a vegetarian gluten free lasagna or as I do, drink a cup of Matcha latte. Gabriel tells me of his life before ECOIST.

– I used to work in the financial sector in London for many years, but the stress and the lifestyle eventually made me depressed, forcing a change and search for something meaningful. I moved back to Stockholm to help my sister with the health business.

ECOIST was founded in 2010 by Gabriel’s sister Isis, a combined lunch restaurant, café and health shop. It’s a place where everything is gluten, sugar and dairy free. You can eat tasty food and buy all the goodies afterwards. If you suffer from stomach ache or diseases like IBS or Chrons, this is the café for you.

– Gluten can cause a lot of problems in our gut and to our immune system, even though you might not be allergic or feel that you are intolerant. I suffered from “chronic” ulcerative colitis in my old life and pasta based diet. But I’m grateful to have healed completely from this through changes in diet and lifestyle. Cutting out gluten, sugar and dairy minimized the symptoms. But it was first when I began to live mindfully in the present moment and when I fully believed that I could be healed, that I actually was, Gabriel says.

Many find it difficult to lead this kind of healthy lifestyle, feeling that there are a lot of do’s and don’ts. Gabriel admits it can be difficult to change.

– It’s never easy to break ingrown habits or creating new ones. Especially when we are bombarded with information about diets and what’s good or bad for us. A lot of it misleading.

How are we going to change this pattern?
– It’s already changing. Internet makes easier for information to spread and consumer pressure to build, truth will always conquer in the end, and it changes quickly now. Even the National Food Agencies, that traditionally have been representing the food industry, are starting to recognize that sugar is what we should avoid and not good fats. People are becoming more aware of what’s needed to live a healthy life.

The goal with ECOIST has always been to inspire people to live healthier and more vibrant lives. But it’s not about a certain diet.

– Taking care of ourselves and be aware of what is foods that are good for our health and energy level is great! And it is probably a good idea to try and eat healthy 80% of the time, and then really enjoy your cheat treats! But we don’t count calories! And healthy food should be at least as tasty as unhealthy! Other than shifting to more plant based gluten free organic food, I’d recommend people to really listen to what your heart tells you, breathe mindfully and drink clean energized water. Stress and living untrue to our heart is actually the main cause of disease.

Name:Gabriel Förde
Occupation: Co-founder of Ecoist
Lives: Stockholm
Ecoist favorite: The chili hummus
What should you try if you are new to vegan food? The chia seed pudding

Check out Ecoist’s Facebook and Instagram for inspiration and news about upcoming events!

If you are in Stockholm you have to pay a visit and try ECOIST’s delicious food at Sibyllegatan 51, 114 43 Stockholm.

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