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Fruit infused water

There is nothing better than to drink water with a touch of fruit in it. Only your imagination can stop you when it comes to how to flavor your water. Be creative, try different combinations and remember to always bring a bottle with you where ever you go! Storage the fruit water in the fridge, but remember to keep an eye on the fruit and do not keep the water too long otherwise it will promote bacteria growth.

If you want some inspiration on how to flavor your water, you can find three of our favorites below. Add the ingredients into a pitcher or mason jar, let the fruit and herbs sit in the water for 2 – 3 hours or overnight to infuse then enjoy!

Best Of You Detox water
5 slices cucumber
2 slices orange (or grapefruit)
3 slices of lemon
2 slices of ginger
3 cups water

Berry & Green Tea Boost
5 slices cucumber
2 sliced strawberries
3 slices of lemon
1 green tea bag (use your favorite brand)
3 cups water

Green purity
3 sliced basil leaves
3 slices of green apple
2 slices of lemon
3 cups water

By: Linnéa Nilsson / Photo: Henriette Danielsen

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    Different kind of girl’s night – Best of you
    December 4, 2015 at 12:59 pm

    […] Drinks Instead of alcohol or soda, try to serve fruit infused water. Yes, it is possible to drink water on a Friday night! It is both tasty and good for your body. If you want some inspiration on how to flavor your water take a look here. […]

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