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Good reads – April

Another month has passed and we’ll continue to share our favorite books with you. So, if you’re looking for some inspiration – take a look! 

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
The year is 1913 and a young girl named Nell is abandoned on a ship on its way to Australia. The dockmaster and his wife takes her in and raise her as their own. On her 20th birthday she is told the truth and sets out on a journey to trace her real identity. This spellbinding tale of a story will make it hard to put the novel down until the last page.



There Is Something Going On by Martina Haag
This is one of the latest Swedish top-sellers by Martina Haag. Martina’s latest novel is about a serious betrayal, a divorce and the different phases afterwards. The book is really breath-taking as Martina is exceptionally good at describing feelings and different situations. Even though the book deals with very dark subjects it has tons of humor in it.


The Chemistry of Death by Simon Beckett

Finding some peace and quiet in a quiet rural English town, Dr David Hunter hoped he might at last have put the past behind him. But that was until the police found the body of Sally Palmer. This thrilling and at times creepy novel is impossible to put down. You get to follow a murder investigation from a forensics’ point of view, a forensics with a dark past and troubled mind. A must read!


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