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Are you one of those people who like to snooze a few times too many and end up rushing through your morning routine? Or maybe you’re not a morning person at all? Anyhow, breakfast is most commonly the first thing that gets pushed aside when in a rush. We give you tips on how you can prepare some healthy brekkies for busy mornings.

Freeze serving sizes
Smoothie in the morning is a classic and a good choice when in a hurry, since you can bring it with you. However, preparing may take some time, time you may feel you don’t have. Why not prep all the fruit and greens during the weekend, and freeze it in individual serving sizes? Then you can easily just add some liquid ingredients and blend a way. Takes you one minute!

Mix and go
Why not use your free time on a Sunday to cut your fruit and divide into lunchboxes? Melon, pineapple, apples and what not. This way you can easily make a fruit salad by just grabbing different fruits from the fridge, without the hassle of having to get out the knife and cutting board.

There is nothing easier than overnight oats. It only takes a few minutes before bedtime and breakfast is waiting for you the next morning. A tip is to prepare it in a glass jar that you can bring with you on the road. A quick and very healthy breakfast.

Bars and balls
Energy bars or protein balls are perfect to grab-and-go! Just remember that when substituting a meal with a bar, they should contain lots of fiber and protein. The best way to make sure it contains everything your body needs is to make them yourself whenever you have the time, and makes loads of them so you have them available for busy mornings.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Image borrowed from Live Healthy Every Day 

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