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Great fall dates

Fall time – it can be rainy and grey, but it could also be the most romantic season. We’ve listed some great date ideas.

Pumpkin Carving
Begin your date by taking your date to a grocery store with large pumkins – or why not a market? Then go back to your place to gut and carve up some jack-o-lanterns. After going all Norman Bates on your pumpkins, you and your date can roast the seeds and sit on the porch to admire your work. Dreamy!


Foliage Drive
Watching the green leaves transform into beautiful displays of vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds is one of the best parts of autumn. But driving through your neighborhood or walking to work just doesn’t give you a sweeping view of the unfolding majesty. So hop in your car or rent one if possible, pack a couple of sandwiches for a picnic, and take a scenic drive through some passages where you and your date can get an awe-inspiring look at the seasons’ changing of the guard. Roooomantic!


Apple Cider Mill
If you’re lucky enough to have an apple cider mill where you live, take advantage of it for a casual afternoon date. You can watch how the cider is made, sip on samples, browse the kitschy products in the country store, and sit down to eat some delicious treats.

Take advantage of the dark – take your date on a night walk and gaze up, maybe you can sit in a lounger and cuddle up next to each other and talk about everything that crosses your mind.


Weenie Roast
Let’s face it: there’s never a bad time for a weenie roast. But the fall is peak weenie roast season. It’s chilly but not freezing — the perfect time for cuddling by the campfire, munching on hot dogs and s’mores, and engaging in some good old fashioned fireside smooching.

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