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Yoga Games opened up the doors to their second fair at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm in February (12-14 February). I’m having the privilege of being one of the volunteers working at the fair this year and I’m really looking forward to some new insights and inspiring lessons. I had a chat with one of the organizers, Andreas Karlsson, about the fair, the challenges behind it and what keeps him motivated.
By: Linnéa Nilsson  Photo: Yoga Games

Tell us about Yoga Games!
– Yoga Games first started in Gothenburg during 2011. Since then a lot has happened, both within the yoga industry and Yoga Games as a business. Yoga as such has become more available and the concept has expanded in many exciting ways.

Yoga Games has grown tremendously over the past years and we launched our first event in Stockholm last year. We want to inspire people and it’s the perfect opportunity to try different yoga styles and teachers. Sometimes you don’t know what you really want or like until you have tried various styles and you also have to take into consideration the different phases you go through in life.

I believe that Yoga Games is a great hub for the Scandinavian yoga market. We have seen that a lot of networking and business is made during this weekend, where over 50 companies are displaying their products and services. The Marketplace is open for the public with free entrance, which also makes it more accessible for everyone. We also provide free yoga classes to inspire and to encourage more people to try yoga.

Where did the idea of Yoga Games come from?
– My friends and I got the idea from a training camp in Portugal which focused on running, CrossFit and Yoga. We, as an event company, went there and everyone got totally hooked on yoga. Our business idea was actually already put together on the flight back to Sweden.

How is it to organize such a big event?
– It’s very busy at times, but it generates so much positive energy! As said before, the four of us were event organizers prior to Yoga Games so we had previous experience and routines on how to organize different events, which helped us.

What has been the main challenges since the launch?
– To get the business profitable. We go “all-in” when we organize events which often means high costs. It took us three years before we reached break-even, but thanks to our passion and belief in this event we managed to make it a success.

What are your future objectives with Yoga Games?
– We would like to launch Yoga Games in other cities and expand our business.

What are your key drivers behind your entrepreneurship?
– One major driver is definitely the feedback from the visitors! We get to hear many great stories on how we have changed peoples lives and their way of thinking by offering them the chance to meet all the great teachers.

Out of curiosity, what’s your favorite yoga type?
– YIN! At least after the class:) An then of course, my soon to be wife, Johanna Anderssons classes.

When you’re low on energy, what do you do?
– I either drink lots of coffee, dance with my little daughter or do a handstand (against a wall).

Name: Andreas Karlsson
Age: 38
Occupation: Project Manager at Yoga Games
Lives: Gothenburg, Sweden

Take a look at the video below to get into the right mood for Yoga Games.

Visit Yoga Games Instagram or website for more information and prices. 

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