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How to reduce IBS symptoms

Bloating, stomach cramps, indigestion, heartburn and difficulties to go to the bathroom – the list can get quite long and I’m sure many of you recognize the symptoms that doctors referr to as Irretable Bowl Syndrom, or simply IBS. Read how I found ways to cope with this enervating stomach disorder.

First of all – IBS is something that still puzzles the doctors, even though it has been studied for years. They don’t know why so many suffer from this and don’t have a solution other than telling you to relax and suggesting expensive pills that may or may not ease the pain. Let’s just say that the stomach is complicated. Thankfully it’s not lethal in any way, but it affects the daily life for the individuals who suffers from it.

I’ve suffered from IBS the last decade and still suffer from the evil symptoms from time to time – but there are ways to reduce the pain and actually function as a normal human being. I wont say that I have the universal solution – but I have some tips that I’ll share with you.

Minimize the dairy and wheat intake
Both dairy- and wheat products can result in some painful bloating and stomach cramps. The milk sugar enzyme called lactose and the composition of proteins in wheat called gluten are triggers so try to keep the usage to a minimum. Luckily there are several lactose free options in most countries today, almond milk being one of them, and if you simply can’t avoid it in restaurants for example, you can buy lactose enzyme at your local drugstore. As for gluten free products why not try healthy and tasty alternatives like rice flour, buckwheat or almond flour?

Exclude onions and garlic
Onions and garlic will make you feel bloated. Use the green part of the leak or garlic infused olive oil as an alternative.

Keep a food diary
Don’t know what triggers the stomach ache? Keep a diary of what you eat each day. Try to eliminate one thing at a time, milk and wheat products one week and onions the next for example.

Drink a lot of water
In order for your stomach to work properly you have to drink water, about 2 litres a day.

Mindfulness and yoga
Practicing yoga is essential for me – it helps both mind and body relax. I know some of you might not want to practice yoga and you feel a bit intimidated by the thought of it. But it wouldn’t hurt to try, start with something easy like the sun salutaion for example.

These are some tips to start with – stay tuned for more posts about IBS, list of good and bad ingriedients as well as IBS-friendly recipies.

By: Victoria Thoors

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