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Making lifestyle changes stick

Summer is coming to an end and many of us are getting ready to kick start the fall with healthy routines and a more active lifestyle.

You know the feeling; after a long, lazy summer with desserts every day, a little too much Chardonnay and slightly fewer trips to the gym, we get eager to set healthy routines. There’s no question about it, ditching bad habits and adopting good ones can be challenging, and most of us end up being overeager; making us fall into old, unhealthy habits pretty quick.

Here are some tips on how you can change your lifestyle, and actually stick to it!

Find out why
First and foremost, find out why you’re doing this. We all have different goals, whether it’s exercising more or improving our diet, and it takes a little soul-searching. Remember that you’re doing this for you, not for anybody else.

Realistic goals
Write down your goals and be confident you can achieve them. Try to be specific and be prepared to make changes for the long term, so make a plan that will stick. A tip is to break your long term goal/goals into smaller ones. That way you will see the benefits and feel more motivated to more forward to your long-term goals. And remember; you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Find joy in it
Let’s say your goal is to become more active; don’t go overboard and go to intense spinning classes seven days a week. Or if your goal is to eat healthier, don’t deny yourself a little chocolate or other unhealthy treats once in a while. Because if you set to strict rules, you will only end up miserable. Life is all about balance! Experiment with food and test different forms of exercise and try to find the joy in it, instead of torturing yourself through everyday life.

Make it a lifestyle
The key is to make it a lifestyle, not a quick-fix. Like we already mentioned; take small steps and find what works for you. There are endless workout forms out there and healthy food is anything but boring, you just need to experiment a little and find what makes you happy.

Be patient
Change doesn’t happen overnight and it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Many people run into problems when they try to change too much too fast. To improve your success, focus on one goal at a time and take small steps each day in the right direction. Don’t walk around torturing yourself. We only live once!

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo Cred

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