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“My biggest struggle became my biggest passion”

Suffering from acne in her early twenties, Denise Larsson was desperate to find something that would help. Determent to find a cure, she set out on a quest to find a natural remade for her skin. Today she is acne free and founder of Skinshot, a natural and drinkable skincare.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Skinshot

Having acne is something many young people suffer from and it can be both annoying and painful. Denise Larsson knows this way too well.
– I tried everything from creams, dermatology visits and antibiotics to healthy diets and cleanses, but nothing seemed to work. At some point, I gave up the hope of ever getting clear skin again, because nothing worked for me. That really scared me, she explains.

Having a huge passion for the body´s capacity to self-heal, she decided that it was time to educate herself. She took courses in clinical medicine, nutrition and holistic health and started to follow and work with professionals within the field. Years later she found the solution!
– I created a program and a natural supplement that all together heal acne up to 95 percent in a period of 90 days without any proven side effects, she says.

Skinshot is 100 percent natural and is built upon research on traditional herb medicine.
– We work with Scandinavian wild harvested herbs such as nettle, dandelion, licorice etc. Our composition is perfectly designed to support a body that suffers from acne and helps you to eliminate toxins that build up.

What makes your product stand out?
– We are the only company that have invented ‘Natural Drinkable Skincare’ as we call it, and the whole program is unique. We are so proud of our high success rate in clearing acne naturally and we believe that this is the reason that we stand out.

Denise found inspiration through a Naturopath from Stockholm and when she came up with the idea of founding Skinshot she reached out to professionals all over the world. She found three she ended up working with and that helped her develop her amazing product.
– I learned and saw the capacity of traditional herbal medicine that is huge in big parts of the world and that origin from eastern medicine that we all use today. I saw what it did for the Naturopaths patients and what great result it gave them. I started to experiment consciously with the herbs on myself and it gave me such fast results. I was hooked, she says.

 I want my body to be healthy and last as long as possible.

Today the company is run by her and her partner, with the help from professionals within the field.
– Our goal is to concur Big Pharma and reach the gap of the 50 percent that doesn’t get cured from acne. We want to be the solution for people that want to treat it naturally.

Skinshot is offered worldwide and is mainly targeted towards women in the age between 18 and 35 who suffer from adult acne.
–  I suffered from this for about seven years. At that time if was the worst days of my life, but today I see it as a gift. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today without my acne and I’m forever grateful for that. And nothing makes me happier than to help people get their smiles back, she says and smiles.

Learn more about Skinshot by heading over to their website or find inspiration on their Instagram account. 

Name: Denise Larsson
Age: 29
Lives: Stockholm, Sweden
Best tips for a healthy and glowing skin: Ditch sugar, dairy and gluten, drink a lot of water, move your body daily, sleep enough, manage stress and most importantly, HAVE FUN!


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