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Natural sweeteners

There are plenty of ingredients you can use instead of refined sugar as sweetener when baking or cooking. We have listed a few options below – try them and see for yourself!

Dried figues
Use the ecological, brown ones if possible as they will give a “nuttier” taste and better texture in raw bars or dessert for examples. Figues contain lots of iron and beta-carotene which are really good boosters for your body.

Dried apricots
Dried apricots do not normally have any added sugar but take an extra look on the ingredients on before hand and choose the natural ones instead. They are an excellent source of dietary fiber and potassium.

Honey, compared to refined sugar, contain a small amount of vitamins and have not been processed the same way. Try not to use too much though – remember to use everything in moderation.

Dates can be quite intensive in their flavour and are great if you want a sweeter taste, just be aware of the stone in the middle.

Frozen Mango
Frozen mango is a perfect nutrient source and as a sweetener in green drinks and various smoothies and ice cream. It also adds a nice, thick and creamy texture.

Frozen Banana
Fits a smoothie or alternative ice-cream perfectly. Check out our recipe for a lovely nice cream recipe here. Bananas are packed with potassium and other vitamins which our bodies crave for.


By: Linnéa Nilsson  Photo: Flickr/little birth 

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