Running in the cold

Some might say that running in cold climates isn’t good for you – they are wrong! It’s perfectly fine, but you need to wear the right type of clothing and adjust your running routine a bit. Sweden can be icy cold and we’ve been having a crazy temperature of minus 15°C (4°F) the last couple of days.

What you need
Shoe spikes
Pretty cheap and they can save your life. Remember: cold snowy climate = slippery streets and trails. You’ll find them in any shoe shop or sports chain.


The trick to keep warm is to work with layers. Start with breathable synthetics or wool undergarment and go from there. Most importantly: hat, gloves and a balaclava.

When you run
Take it easy and slow down the pace. Take a shorter run than you normally do to start with and “feel” the climate. It’s actually refreshing and the shower afterwards: HEAVEN!

Listen to my running playlist – motivation guaranteed!

By: Victoria Thoors

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    🙂 Yes , good advice : stop complaining – start moving 🙂

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