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Starting a new morning routine and how to survive it

It’s no question that mornings are rough for some people, myself included. I don’t consider myself a “morning person” at all. So, when it’s time for me to switch up my morning routine, I need to make sure there’s not much room for failure.

Many things can happen in life that make it so you need to switch up how you do things; a new job, new addition to the family, a change in work hours, a change in your commute, or a new exercise routine!

Whatever it may be, here are my tips for starting a new morning routine (and how to survive it!):

Knowing that you need to change your morning routine and preparing for it is the most important step. Figure out how much earlier (or later) you’ll wake up, what tasks are important to you and how much time you want to give yourself to get ready.

Plan some “me” time
Having time to be by yourself in the morning might seem silly, but it helps. When you know that there is a block of time, whether it be 5 minutes or 30, where you are focused on doing something you love makes it a lot easier to deal with the morning. For me, I set 20 minutes aside to drink coffee and watch some of my favorite YouTube videos before I get ready. You could use this time to have coffee, try a morning yoga sequence, go for a run, start laundry or read a book. Whatever you do, don’t hit the snooze button – which leads us to my next tip!

Don’t hit snooze
Stop while you’re ahead, and just get out of bed – that rhyme is not intentional. Hitting the snooze button is so tempting, especially if you hate waking up early, but it will just make it harder to get out of bed later. Trust me.  Once your alarm goes off, jump out of bed and go do something that will wake you up. For me, it’s brushing my teeth and grabbing my cup of coffee.

Start early
If you know that you’ll have to change your routine up, why not give it a “test run” a week or a few days before?  This is a good way to wean yourself off of your old schedule.  Need to wake up earlier? Try setting your alarm to go off 15-30 minutes earlier than what you’re used to until you get to the time you need to wake up. This will make the transition to getting up earlier that much easier.

Stay consistent
You may be thinking you should sleep in on weekends, but that’s not the case! Special occasions or vacations are fine, but it’s important to be consistent with your morning routine. Keeping up with your routine on the weekends will make sure you don’t start struggling again during the week!

Be patient
Be patient with yourself. It might seem like a huge struggle at first, but give it some time. Soon enough, it will be easy and you won’t even think twice about it.
I hope you enjoyed these tips and hopefully it inspires you to create a morning routine if you don’t have one already! Good luck!

By: Samantha Thayer / Photo cred 

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    Christina Danielsen
    December 14, 2016 at 6:17 am

    <3 Great & thoughtful tips der Samantha 🙂 wish you a good week and easy mornings 🙂

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      December 17, 2016 at 2:50 am

      Thank you Christina!! <3 Have a lovely weekend. X

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