Stop and breathe

Christmas is a joyful holiday, but it can also be stressful at times. Mainly because it comes with a long list of demands: shopping, cleaning, baking, Christmas parties and so on, and it often feels like the list only get´s longer for each year.

We run around for a whole month spending huge amounts of money, buying food in such large quantities that we almost don’t have time to eat it all and we spend more time in the kitchen then we do the rest of the year. Have you ever stopped and wondered why?

We don’t need all those presents, we don’t need all that food and most importantly we don’t need, or want, all that stress.

A colleague of mind once told me she and her family buy two small gifts each (it can be anything from chocolate to a toy) and then they play a game where they role a dice and if you for example get a six you are allowed to swap presents with someone else and so on. They make a game out of it, where the focus is not on the presents, but the fun in playing a game and doing something together. Another friend of mine invites me out for dinner instead of giving me a gift. However, we pay separately: the point is that she gives me her time, which I love.

In regards to food, try to remember that you don’t need five boxes of cookies or all that chocolate lying around just because it is Christmas. Of course you should enjoy yourself but don’t go overboard. Most of it ends up in the trash anyway. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is totally ok NOT to eat a gourmet meal that takes five hours to prepare. The focus should be on the conversations you have with both friends and family around the table, not the food you eat.

Lastly, take a breather and make some time for yourself. Spending just 20 minutes alone, without distractions, will clear your mind and give you the energy to really enjoy the holiday. Remember, happiness begins with you!

By: Henriette Danielsen

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