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Shopping – it’s addictive, trust me I know. Not only do we consume more clothes than ever, but the fabric that most of our clothes are made of end up polluting our environment and ourselves. Check out my suggestions on how to control your impulse and make responsible choices without necessarily having to stop  shopping completely.

Clothing swap
Instead of buying something new every week, why not swap clothes with friends or even better join events where people meet up to swap. Perfect if you’re tired of your old style, need a new wardrobe or simply need to save money. People often post these kind of events on Facebook or even start websites where you can swap and sell clothes online, like this page Swap Style.


Buy organic
Style and fit are important attributes when choosing a dress or shirt, but the fabric and the origin of the garment is just as important. We are very selective when it comes to what we put in our mouths and prefer organic products since it’s healthier for us, but organic clothes? Not as common. Fact is that choosing organic cotton instead of regular cotton has a huge impact on your health as well as the planet. By choosing organic products you support growing systems that refresh and maintain soil fertility and these systems don’t need as much water either. The main benefit, however, is that the organic cotton crops aren’t treated with toxic pesticides, insecticides or genetically modified organisms. These toxins can harm workers, us as consumers and the entire planet. In other words, try to buy organic as it saves lives.


If an item of clothing doesn’t fit you anymore or if you want to make it feel new and trendy, why not try altering it? It sounds may sound difficult, especially if sewing isn’t something you do on a regular basis, but with guides and tutorials everyone can learn how to do it. All you need is a sewing machine. Check out Fridanoodle’s DIY dress altering guide.

By: Victoria Thoors

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