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The impact of food

With a huge passion for pure and natural food, nutritionist Linn Hansen inspires people through her company and blog, to make healthier choices in their daily lives. She knows better than most of us to what extent the food we eat can influence our wellbeing.
By: Henriette Danielsen Photo: Gry Traaen

Linn Hansen has always loved food, but has since her childhood struggled with stomach aches. When she went off to college the problems became more frequent.
– I had a somewhat healthy and conscious diet at the time, but it still made me sick. I was terrified to eat fat and used a lot of fiber in the form of crisp bread etc. Since I was a nutrition student, I mostly ate the food the textbooks said I should eat, but clearly it didn’t do me any good.

When her stomach was on its worst she turned to doctors and experts for help. However, they all told her that there was nothing wrong and she needed to learn how to live with it. A conclusion Linn didn’t accept.
– I turned to a nutritionist for help. He introduced me to a diet consisting of more fat and less carbohydrates. I gave it a try and my body quickly gave a positive response.

And these changes taught her a lot about how food has a huge impact on her general wellbeing.
– I would never be where I am today without the experience on how a change in diet can give amazing results on various processes in the body. Not only did my stomach get better, I slept better, developed nicer skin and hair and all of this has improved my life, she explains.

For Linn this experience was an educational journey and today she chooses food that does her body good and gives her tons of energy. Something she shares with thousands of people through her company Sprudlende Sunn, where she offers nutritional guidance, gives lectures and holds cooking classes.
– I want to help others achieve a body that pulsates with energy, just like mine! I want to inspire, motivate and spread my knowledge of food, nutrition and health and spread the enormous joy of food!

For Linn a healthy diet is all about giving the body the nutrients it needs to keep it in balance. For her that means moderate amounts of slow carbohydrates, healthy fats and as organic ingredients as possible. But she emphasizes that we are all different and what works for her doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else.
– If you want to change your diet, you may want to go to an experienced specialist who can help you optimize a diet that is right for you. We all have different requirements for functioning as good as we can.

What would you like to change in today’s society when it comes to food and health if you could?
– I wish there would be stricter rules on animal welfare and the whole food industry. Today, processed and fabricated food is the big bad wolf in our diet. The more processed the food is, the less nutrients it contains. Yet ingredients from the huge, corporative industry enjoy more demand than local produce. Just imagine how much organic and natural food could do for people in today’s society. People would feel so much better.

What do you eat when you’re going to enjoy yourself?
– Life should be enjoyed and I use every opportunity I get. For me a good cup of café latte and some dark chocolate is the ultimate luxury. During the weekends I normally make healthier candy consisting of dried fruits, nuts and raw chocolate. Luckily my family agrees and we have a little tradition where we on Fridays make healthy snacks for the weekend. I’ve always had a passion for pastry and sweets, so I love baking and spending time in the kitchen, Linn says.

Name: Linn Hansen
Age: 27
Occupation: Nutritionist and owner of Sprudlende Sunn 
Lives: Fredrikstad, Norway

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