Liver detox – how and why?

In the beginning of a new year we often feel the urge to change our bad habits or diets. This January I wanted to try something different and a lighter version of a detox, so I decided to try a 24 hour liver cleanse!

Why cleanse the liver? Well, the liver is our largest internal organ, keeping us well and cleansing our bodies from toxins stemming from alcohol, coffee and fat food. As there are several ways to cleanse the liver such as juicing, flushing or fasting, the best way to figure out what works for you is to try. Some of the health benefits of cleansing the liver are: more energy, better digestion and better sleep.

Are you ready to give your liver and your entire system a healthy boost? Below you’ll find the instructions for the cleanse I tried:

What you need:
2 large grape fruits
4tbsp epsom salt
200 ml olive oil (eco+extra virgin)

Day 1
Try to eat a light breakfast and lunch (minimize the protein and fats) as this will help you get started with the fasting. I ate a small portion of porridge with banana and almond milk for breakfast and a salad with broccoli and roasted vegetables for lunch. Try to drink a lot of water between the meals.

It’s very important that you do not eat or drink anything after 2pm.

6pm – Mix 4 tbsp Epsom salt with 750 ml water (makes tot. 4 portions) and put in the fridge. Shortly after, drink 1 portion of 200 ml. I am not gonna lie, it doesn’t taste very good. To improve the taste you can add a bit of Vitamin C powder.

8pm – Drink the second portion (200 ml) of the Epsom salt mix. Yum yum 😉

10pm – Mix the olive oil with the grape fruit juice and drink all within 5 minutes. Go and lie down on your right side of the body as this will help you to get rid of the gallstones. Try to go to sleep early tonight!

Day 2
6 /7am – Drink the 3rd portion of Epsom salt mix and go lie down for 1-2 hours.

8/9am – Drink the final and 4th portion of Epsom salt mix.

After a couple of hours (approx. around 11am) you can start to eat again, but don’t over do it! Start small with something that’s gentle to your body like yoghurt, chia pudding, avocado or a banana.

Try to rest a lot during both days as you might feel tired and a bit nauseous. I felt very low on the first day and had a major headache since I wasn’t allowed to drink any coffee or tea (yes, I might a bit addicted to coffee). I also struggled with the fact that I could’t eat dinner, but after a few hours the hunger went away. On the second day you will have to pay several visits to the bathroom as the salt has a laxative effect. It’s not recommended to do any type of cleansing if you have problems with your stomach, gallstones (cholelith) or if you’re feeling tired or recently been sick.

If you don’t want to do a liver cleanse but still look for a change, I recommend you to cut out processed food, cut back on alcohol and sugar and eat more greens, fruits, flax and fiber rich food. If you’re interested in advice on how to get healthier habits, take a look here. Good luck!

By: Linnéa Nilsson  

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