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Unplug and reboot

Everything will work again if you unplug it for a while. Including you.

I was working on my computer the other day when it started making a weird noise I had never heard before. Suddenly everything stopped working and eventually the only option I had was to press the on/off button long enough for my computer to finally turn off completely.

It got me thinking about how I felt at that moment, and how much I wished someone would press my on/off button long enough so everything would turn black and I would not have to deal with anything for a while.

While my computer reboots I look around, feeling a little lost. I snacked on some chocolate and ended up grabbing a book and suddenly I rediscovered the pleasure of turning pages and getting lost in someone else’s stories for a while.

But I also felt guilty. I felt I was wasting time. I felt unproductive.

What had happened? Since when did I value time spent in front of a screen more than time spent reading a book? For me that was a wakeup call.

I would be lying if I would say I got better and now set aside more time to read every day. But every week, every now and then, I try to put the computer away, I even turn off Wi-Fi so I won’t be lured into checking my phone every 30 seconds.

What I recommend though, hell, what I prescribe, is to occasionally take some real time off. Whether it is a few hours at a spa, a full day laying in the park or a weekend gateway. A break from the routine, to stay away from social media for longer than an hour and remember how to it feels to unplug, relax and eventually, reboot.

By: Morgane Oléron 

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    Christina Danielsen
    May 19, 2017 at 6:24 am

    <3 excellent advice 🙂

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