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When sh*t hits the fan!

You know when you’re having a bad day and you sort of just hate the world? We all have them from time to time and there are endless tips on how you can turn a bad day into a good one. I say screw that. Here is my “medicine” to when sh*t hits the fan! 

Sometimes things, small or big, can completely derail an otherwise happy day! When that happens people like to tell me stuff like: “without hard times, you wouldn’t appreciate the good ones”, or “there is a lesson in every struggle”. It’s true and all that, but seriously?! Not what I want to hear when I am feeling down. Below I give you my best advice on how to handle a bad day.

Ben & Jerry’s
Ok, I know sugar is bad and not what the body needs to feel better, but it’s delicious! And it makes you temporarily happy! So go buy some cookie dough (or whatever flavor you prefer), find a huge spoon and start eating. But leave the bad conscious at the store! We don’t want nothing of that.

Open that bottle
Yes, you heard me! Sometimes the best thing to do is drink some wine. Or take a beer. Or maybe even a whiskey? I am not talking about getting drunk, just enjoy a few sips (but if you need more than that, that’s totally fine too).

The saddest song
When I am having a bad day, for whatever reason, I sometimes just want to cry my problems away. Ridiculous, I know. But it’s not like the tips above are any less ridiculous. It’s all about embracing your emotions and letting go, right? So, choose the saddest song you know, turn up the volume and open those drains.

Curl up
Sometimes the best thing to do is just go home and curl up in bed. Hug yourself kind of thing while drowning in self pity. Or make your spouse, lover or friend come and hug you while you whine. Let your emotions out and embrace the bad day! Just promise me you’re going to pull it together at some point. Our lives are pretty good after all.

And remember; there is always someone out there who has a worse day than you!


By: Henriette Danielsen / Featured image:

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