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Now that the summer holiday is right around the corner, you may not get to the gym as often as usual. Or maybe you’re just one of those who don’t prefer the gym? No sweat! We have gathered our five favorite workout videos on YouTube for you to do at home or wherever you are.  

Here you will find everything from yoga to dancing and full body workouts. These videos are free of charge and all you need is a mat, some Wi-Fi and a positive attitude. Let’s do this.

Fitness Blender
Fitness Blender is run by Daniel and Kelli. A married couple who provides full-length workout videos and a huge selection of different types of workouts. You can choose between kickboxing, full body workouts, stretching and much more. Some are only 20 minutes, others 90 minutes. Something for everyone, at every level.

Yoga with Adriene
Adriene Mishler is a yogini that welcomes all levels and helps you get started with yoga. You can choose between yoga for beginners, 30-day yoga camp and much more. The videos are mostly around 20 minutes and a great way to either start or end your day.

Beyonce “Move Your Body” full workout routine
It’s no secret Beyoncé can dance and it’s safe to say we all admire her for that (don’t we?)! I know I wouldn’t mind being able to shake my body like that on the dancefloor. And now we all can thanks to choreographer Frank Gatson, who breaks down evert portion of Beyoncé’s Let’s Move! Campaign.

7-minute workout
This workout is perfect for those days when we feel there just isn’t enough time or when we are running low on motivation. Because we can all manage 7 minutes, right? A killer workout for your whole body, getting done in no time.

Victoria’s Secret model workout
Ok, I know most of us don’t feel like a Victoria’s Secret angel when sweat runs down our face and we struggle to catch our breath, but hey; it’s all about the attitude! In this video you will work your entire body in only ten minutes and it will give you and your body the strength you need to greet the day.

If none of the above feel right for you, why not check out our workouts with personal trainer Cristina Castillo or read more about the underrated form of exercise; walking. Whatever you choose to do, remember to have fun and do what feels right for you and your body.

By: Henriette Danielsen / Photo cred: Shutterstock 

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